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Downsizers & Empty Nesters

If you are Downsizing or an Emptynester, Towne Creek Realty (TCR) understands…

Towne Creek Realty (TCR) understands the normal process of people moving through different phases in their life.
Many times they are adapting to different desires and residential needs. In 2012 one in four home sellers were over the age of 65 and another large percentage were downsizing.

A recent article written by a Senior Real Estate Specialist said that some of the greatest fears in downsizing or moving from a home people have lived in for a number of years are:

Buying a Home

Selling a Home

  • Feeling of being overwhelmed
  • How to stage their home to sell or getting repairs done
  • Worry about sorting and packing furniture or family treasures
  • Finding a Real Estate Company that understands and cares about you

Towne Creek Realty’s Home Concierge Service was established to meet these specific needs. A Home Concierge/Helping You Move specialist is funded by TCR – no cost to the client. The Home Concierges are not Real Estate agents and are not trying to sell additional services. The Home Concierge works closely with your agent and you the homeowner.

Towne Creek Realty does care and enjoys working with clients as they are experiencing what can be a wonderfully exciting new home.

Real Estate for Downsizers Empty Nesters in Franklin, TN