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Towne Creek Realty’s Residential Home Sales Support Serving Franklin TN, and Williamson County

If you are in the real estate market and are:

  • Feeling overwhelmed?
  • Not sure where to start in selling your home?
  • Have questions about who can help you with…?

Whether this is your first time to sell a home or you have been living in your home for a number of years, you may find a helping hand through the home preparation and moving process is just what you need.

  1. Declutter—Start packing by removing items that will your make your home seem bigger and more attractive to the buyer! The kitchen and bathrooms are some of the areas that tend to attract extra clutter.
  2. Clean and Clean Again—Look around with new eyes. Inspect your home. You have lived there and it’s sometimes hard to see the little areas that need special attention.
  3. It’s Showtime—This may be an area where outside advice or assistance from your agent or a Home Sales Support Specialist may really be helpful. Many homes can take on a “model home” look just by staging furniture a little differently or placing in storage a few select pieces.
  4. Getting it Move-In Ready—Show your home with curb appeal! Buyers always want to show off their new home to friends. If the outside needs landscaping or fixing up, you may never get them inside to see your great floor plan. Make sure your front door, landscaping, maintenance, painting walls, and door lock and knobs work and have a new appearance.
  5. Make It Fresh & Inviting—This needs to be done daily. Keep bathroom(s) and the kitchen sparkling and smells out. Add touches of fresh flowers. Windows, blinds, & curtains need to be open to keep rooms feeling bright and airy.
  6. Understand your Hurdles—Insist your agent be truthful. You might not be able to fix all the issues. You may need a new roof or the exterior needs to be totally repainted and you can’t address it. Some hurdles may not be fixable or may be hurdles to prospective buyers. Listen to your agent and partner in setting realistic pricing.

contact townecreek realty in williamson county tennesseeWe are ready to help you get started. If you would like to speak to one of our Sales Support Specialists about Residential Home Sales Support, please contact us at (615) 656-1301 or click on the Contact Us button to send us a message.


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