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As you have read our home page and perhaps some of the additional pages on our Web site you will pick up on two key phrases

“We are intentionally a boutique firm”

“Discover the Towne Creek Realty Difference”

So if you are an agent looking to join a real estate company for the first time or a senior agent looking for a new environment then these two phrases may have an impact on why to consider Towne Creek Realty.

“Intentionally a Boutique Firm” means you will not be one of many- pushed through training classes or getting sample marketing strategies. You will get specifically designed support based on your approach to business, your unique opportunities and where you are in your maturity as an agent and knowledge of the industry.

“The Towne Creek Realty Difference” for an agent joining our team revolves around making sure our culture and how you want to conduct business matches. We believe it matters how we treat and work with clients, each other and everyone we meet. How you represent the company and how the company reflects on you is important. So we are serious when we say…

At the core of Towne Creek Realty is our belief that being a good steward influences how we serve you, each other, and our community. We believe this makes a difference in our work ethic, our commitment to knowing and understanding real estate, and our working and personal relationships.

I would welcome the opportunity to sit down and explore together. Could Towne Creek Realty be what you have been hoping for in a Real Estate Company? Give me a call at 615 627 8456

Chris Thompson
Principal & Managing Broker

Towne Creek Realty, LLC